Car Accident Near San Marco Railroad Crossing Involves Drunk Driver

No one quite understands in this story in The Florida Times-Union how a 26-year-old woman narrowly missed being hit by a Norfolk Southern Railroad train on Monday, January 17, at about 5:20 a.m.

Apparently the woman crashed her car on a San Marco Boulevard crossing, where a 52-year-old witness pulled her from the car as the train was approaching. It stopped about 15 feet before impact. The woman was arrested and charged with DUI, careless driving, driving with a learner’s permit, and leaving the scene of another accident, according to the article.

Earlier in the morning she had allegedly been involved in a hit-and-run on Prudential Drive when she rammed her Hyundai into a fence and palm tree.

The passerby courageously helped the woman get out of her wrecked car as the train approached. Our commendations go out to the passerby. The driver told police she had a beer and a vodka and Red Bull but did not remember anything about an earlier accident.

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