Broward County Man Killed in Tragic Tow Truck Accident

Members of a condo community are expressing outrage as the Lauderhill police continue to investigate an accident in which a neighbor was run over and killed by his own car as it was being towed away.

The 38-year-old man, who was a professor and associate dean at Fort Lauderdale’s Keiser University, lived in the Sienna Green Condos in Lauderdale. The incident took place in front of his home. According to the Miami Herald, a family car was parked in the driveway, but it jutted out on to the sidewalk, which is a homeowner association towable offense. Condo owners are allowed only two vehicles per driveway, but he had made room for an instructor who was seeing his autistic son.

What happened next depends on whom you talk to. The tow truck driver claims the man acted aggressively and that his family attacked him as he tried to tow away the vehicle. He said that when the victim jumped on the floorboards of the tow truck and started pulling on the door handle and beating on the windows, he sped off. When the man jumped off the truck, he was run over by his own car.

The family’s attorney claims he has talked to witnesses who contradict that story. He alleges the car owner was only pleading verbally for the tow truck driver not to take his car when the truck sped off and the tragic accident occurred.

The Herald reports that condo owners have been complaining about the aggressive tactics of Capitol Towing, the towing company hired by the homeowner’s association. Some claim that company trolls the neighborhood looking for reasons to tow vehicles. In a strange twist, the Herald also reports that the towing company was dissolved a year ago, according to Florida corporate records.

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