Brevard County Sports Bar Must Pay $2 Million in Drunk Driving Crash

Florida Drunk Driving LiabilityThe drunk driving victim attorneys at Farah & Farah have learned that a Brevard County jury has decided that a sports bar is responsible for a drunk driving crash that nearly killed a man and his two-year-old nephew.

The Crossroads Sports Bar was accused of serving alcohol to an underage woman. Upon leaving the bar, the woman got into her car and drove only about two miles before she ran off the road, continued across a lawn and hit the man and his nephew.

Fortunately, the child suffered no injuries when he was thrown from his uncle’s arms upon impact. The uncle was not so lucky and suffered serious injuries.

The man told WFTV News that he only remembers part of the crash. “Everything happened so fast, you know, it was like a flash – the impact, the pain,” he said.

The 20-year-old woman, who had a blood alcohol level of .223 at the time of the accident, was convicted of drunk driving and causing serious bodily injury. She was sentenced to three years of community supervision.

The owners of the sports bar had contended during the trial that the woman had never been inside the bar, but the jury disagreed. The man who was awarded the damages told WFTV, “There is always a responsibility for everything, and in this case, [the sports bar was] not responsible at all.”

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