Auto Accident and Personal Injury Insurance Claims Unfairly Denied, Report Claims

Tricks of the Trade

At Farah and Farah, we’ve seen just about every excuse not to pay an insurance claim, except maybe the dog ate the paperwork.

So when the American Association for Justice (AAJ), an association of trial attorneys, came out with Tricks of the Trade, a report that exposes the tactics used inside the insurance industry to keep profits high, even at the expense of their good neighbors, it rang true for us.

This is the fourth in a series of reports on the multi-trilliondollar industry of Big Insurance. Obviously the way they stay big is to pay out the fewest claims they can.

The “Tricks” report reflects what our claims adjusters have experienced in the real world, every excuse imaginable not to pay a claim, hoping they will eventually wear you out.

Don’t feel too sorry for the insurance industry. It makes about $30 billion in profits a year and the CEOs are among the highest paid in any industry.

But it’s the consumer, who has paid their premiums with real cash money, who frequently faces a denial of a claim. “Tricks” cites the example of a 60-year-old woman who had her Farmer’s claim denied because the other driver who caused the auto accident was acting in a moment of “road rage”.

There is the woman who fell behind on her bills when her daughter was murdered, only to have her premium for her auto insurance go from $437 a year to $3,000.

Patsy Bates was in the middle of chemotherapy when Health Net decided she shouldn’t have coverage anymore. They said she falsified her application. But Bates didn’t even fill out her application, a salesman did while the hair stylist worked in her shop. Bates had to stop chemotherapy. Eventually she found a charity to help her pay for it and sued. She won more than $9 million last February.

The AAJ- Tricks of the Trade report reminds us to forget the “Good Neighbor” and being in the “Right Hands.” Big Insurance is there when it’s time to collect the premiums, but frequently not there when you need them.

A consumers need to know what they are buying and become very familiar with their coverage. Absolutely make sure all information is correct on an application.

When you hit a brick wall you will need an experienced law firm to stop the nonsense.

Our experienced claims adjusters and Florida personal injury attorneys can usually cut to the chase with the industry pretty quickly. That’s because many of them used to work there and know the insurance reps well enough to determine what their highest settlement number will be without all the back and forth. It saves time and frustration and keeps you out of the pages of the latest “Tricks” of the trade.