Another reckless driver will be out of jail in 9 months

A report recently had a story about a man who was sentenced for reckless driving and causing a young man to die in a Jacksonville auto accident. The judge has ordered Mario Tellez to two years behind bars. Because of the time he has already served, Tellez could be out again in nine months.

Tellez is in the U.S. illegally. He doesn’t have a license, but that didn’t stop him from getting behind the wheel of a car in August 2007. At the intersection of St. Johns Bluff and Central Parkway, he did not yield the right of way and hit another car causing it to flip over.

21-year old Brandon Michael was engaged to be married. He was planning to become a veterinarian. He was in the car that rolled and died of the injuries he suffered in the fatal Jacksonville car accident.

Is there any other evidence needed to show that our state’s point system and the discretion of a judge do sometimes not go far enough to keep our roads safe? Reckless driving, as defined by the legislature, means a serious bodily injury can result to another person and is a felony in the third degree. But when should this sort of behavior be taken more seriously such as vehicular homicide? If not when another person dies, then when?

Never assume other drivers on the road are as responsible as you are. They may have just received a slap on the wrist before being let out and behind the wheel again.