Amelia Island Premises Liability & Slip and Fall Attorneys

Amelia Island is situated off of Florida’s magnificent coast with a population of around 68,347 people amidst an area amounting to 18.2 square miles. Known as the “Isle of Eight Flags,” it is the venue for numerous festivals that annually draw tourist attention, such as the Amelia Island Jazz Festival, the Amelia Island Film Festival, the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, and the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. Amelia Island’s principle economic industry is tourism, with attractions ranging from sailing to camping. With so many people passing through private homes, hospitals, department stores, and numerous other public facilities, and when property owners are negligent and fail to maintain a safe premises, serious injury can occur. When such unfortunate and serious injuries take place, an individual who suffers from an accident on someone else’s property can seek legal assistance from a skilled Amelia Island premises liability lawyer.

Businesses and property owners must do everything possible regarding their premises to warn, repair, inspect, and maintain any dangerous or hazardous conditions. Property owners are responsible for any safety hazards on their premises that could cause harm to guests or customers. Being injured on another’s premises can result in steep medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and other expenses associated with your injury. In the most serious of cases, a slip and fall accident or other premises incident can result in wrongful death, in which the decedent’s family may be able to seek compensation.

At Farah and Farah, our dedicated and experienced Amelia Island slip and fall attorneys may be able to hold the business owner responsible for neglecting to uphold his or her premises in a reasonable safe condition for the welfare of all customers or visitors. For a free consultation regarding your premises liability or slip and fall accident case, contact Farah and Farah today at our Amelia Island office:

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