Alcohol Sales To Minors Busted In Florida

There are more than 7,000 businesses licensed to sell alcohol in Jacksonville’s Duval County. Florida wants to make sure that underage drinkers are not getting their hands on alcohol.

Friday night police did a random check of more than dozen establishments in the Jacksonville area.

Girls go in, dressed appropriately for their age, and then go into an establishment and try and buy alcohol. If the clerk doesn’t ask for an ID and sells them the alcohol, they are arrested by agents waiting in the wings.

On this Friday night, there were two arrests made. In most cases, the arrested clerks are not taken to jail, but are instead issued a ‘Notice To Appear’ before a judge at a later date, according to First Coast News.

Liquor stores generally do not face the same kind of liability for injury, property damage or death related to a teenage drunk driver as a bar.

Florida’s Dram Shop Law does allow the victims of drink driving accidents to sue bars, hotels or restaurants that sell alcohol to underage teens who are injured or injure others as a result.

If the bar either didn’t ask for an ID or ignored an obviously fake ID, they may share the liability if that teen gets into an accident and causes injury and death.

Unfortunately, it is often parents who say that they want their children to avoid drinking and driving, so instead they make alcohol available in their home. These parents are facing a huge liability if that intoxicated teen hurts himself or others.

Most states impose liability on social hosts when alcohol is served to a minor and the host should have recognized the extent of the teen or underage intoxication that would follow.

The social host is liable for death, injuries, and property damage that may result when a young person is intoxicated.

Florida’s law on these issues can be complex and confusing. Whether you plan on hosting a party, have been injured by an underage intoxicated driver, or are the parent of a teen who caused damage, you will need to consult with an experienced Florida accident attorney who can help you navigate Florida’s laws.

Don’t try to go it alone.