SUV Accident Caused by Blowout, Explorer Rolls

We’ve heard this story too often lately. Driving down an interstate a tire blows and the Ford Explorer rolls. It happened last Wednesday to a couple driving on Interstate 75 in Alachua County. According to an account, around 2 p.m. their Explorer had a blowout causing it to roll several times and landing in several trees. The Florida Highway Patrol arrived on the scene and along with Alachua rescue workers had to rescue the couple from the vehicle. Both suffered serious injuries from the car accident in Florida, but thankfully both were wearing their seat belts. That move, which only takes a second, likely saved their lives.

We wish them the very best in their recovery. They are lucky to be alive.

While the reporter does not say how old the Ford Explorer was, until recent models, that SUV was known to be top heavy with a tendency roll. Stability control was standard in the Ford Explorer beginning in 2005 and an option before that. The roof strength was also lacking, making a head injury possible. People not strapped in were known to be ejected from the vehicle and then suffer traumatic head injury. I can’t tell you how many times we have seen the same unfortunate situation time and time again.

The other consideration for any vehicle is the life of the tires. You practically need a secret decoder ring to read the date of a tire. The last number of the DOT tells you when they were made – the week and year.

And just because you buy ‘new” tires and they look new, does not mean they really are new nor does it eliminate the possibility that you have defective tires. Used tires can look new also. Tires are supposed to have a shelf life of about six years as a guideline, but there are many other things to consider such as the climate where they drive.

Legislation is being considered at this time in Sacramento that would make it mandatory that consumers be told the age of their tires by anyone who has anything to do with them – maintenance to putting in air. With that information, consumers can be proactive in replacing tires when necessary and not finding out after the fact that the tire that looked new, really wasn’t.

If you have been injured in an SUV rollover or an auto accident where you think product liability was a cause, please contact the experienced Jacksonville SUV rollover lawyers for an evaluation of your case. If your injuries were caused by another driver’s negligence or the disregard of an auto manufacturer, you may be able to receive compensation. Call Farah and Farah today.