5-Year-Old Dies After Falling from Diving Platform in Altamonte Springs

A 5-year-old boy is dead and investigators are still trying to determine how he slipped and fell from a 10-foot-high Lake Brantley High School diving platform – a fall that caused the severe head trauma that eventually claimed his life.

The boy was on a child’s swim and dive team run by the Patriot Aquatic Program, which rents space at the Lake Brantley High School Aquatic Center. Seminole County Fire and Rescue received a call that a boy had somehow slipped off the side of a 3-meter diving board and had fallen onto the concrete below. He was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando with a severe head injury.

WFTV.com reports that school officials said the boy was alone on the diving board when he fell on to the concrete pool deck. The accident happened in front of lifeguards, coaches, teammates, and parents. The boy’s mother was also at the pool when the accident occurred.

The little boy held on for ten days at Arnold Palmer Hospital before finally dying from his injuries. The family said they were “extremely humbled by the outpouring of support” from the community during this horrific tragedy.

The Pool Management Group, which evaluates research and information related to swimming pool safety, warns that 3 meter diving boards pose a danger to children and recommends that they should not be used by kids at all unless modifications have been made to the stand and the pool deck to prevent injury. They advise installing safety netting to catch a person who may slip through or under the railings on the dive stand.

The wrongful death child victim lawyers in Altamonte Springs at Farah & Farah offer our sincere condolences to the family of the little boy who died in this tragic diving accident. Questions linger as to why the boy was left alone on the diving platform and why safety precautions were apparently not implemented that could have prevented this tragedy. If you have questions about your legal options following the preventable loss of a loved one, please contact us at (800) 533-3555.