5 Ways to Enjoy National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month and there is plenty of talk about bike safety and statistics. And while it is important to always ride defensively, wear a helmet, and take precautions against the many dangers of biking, there’s no reason to forget that riding a bike is just plain fun. Whether you are an avid cyclist or prefer a casual ride along the beach, here are five ways to get out and enjoy National Bike Month in Florida.

Bike to Work Week

Take on the fun and eco-friendly challenge of participating in Bike to Work Week May 12 – 16. If you live within riding distance of work, enjoy a change of pace by commuting via bicycle for at least five days. Added benefits include getting some exercise, saving money on gas, and a potentially shorter commute time.

Bike to Work Day

If biking to work for a full week is too much, join in on Bike to Work Day on May 16. Test the waters by commuting with thousands of other cyclists on a casual Friday. You’ll have a chance to see what all the fuss is about and enjoy the company of so many others. With more riders out on the street, you’ll also be helping your fellow riders stay safe. Studies have found that there is safety in numbers when it comes to bicycling.

Explore a New Trail

Florida is fortunate to have plenty of scenic bike trails suited for riders of all experience levels. Get off the beaten path and try something new. Visit www.visitflorida.com/trails to find a new trail, near or far, to explore. We suggest Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail State Park for its 16 mile trail which showcases the prairie, river, and wildlife.

The National Bike Challenge

From May 1 to September 10, the National Bike Challenge encourages riders to compete at local, state, and national levels to simply bike more. Last year, a total of 30,000 bicyclists rode nearly 19 million miles, and this year the Challenge is expected to bring in 50,000 riders. Create or join a local team and enjoy the community, healthy habits, and lifestyle of making biking a bigger part of your life.

Bike for a Cause

Biking can offer you a chance to give back to others by participating in local charity biking events. The American Diabetes Association is hosting Jacksonville Tour de Cure on May 17 to raise funds for diabetes research and education. Enter as an individual or join a team and help stop diabetes.

If you’ll be taking part in any National Bike Month events, please let us know on our Facebook page.