Roof Collapse at Famed Bar in Fort Lauderdale Sends Patron to Hospital

Elbo Room Roof CollapseThe Elbo Room in Fort Lauderdale was made famous after it was featured in the 1960s movie Where the Boys Are. Since then it has become a favorite college spring break hangout.

At least one of the bar’s patrons is probably wishing he had hung out elsewhere after a section of the iconic bar’s roof collapsed, raining debris on his head and sending him to Broward Health to have his injuries addressed.

Fort Lauderdale Fire and Rescue reported that a man in his 50s was sitting on the patio on the southeastern side of the building when a 16-square-foot section of the roof collapsed, sending wood 2×4’s and roofing material down on his head. Fortunately for the patron, he was sitting at a table covered by an umbrella or his head injuries could have been far worse.

According to The South Florida Sun Sentinel, it was a clear day, so neither wind nor rain could be blamed for the roof collapse. The hapless patron was treated for non-life threatening injuries at the hospital and released. Police and firefighters closed the damaged patio area, but did not close down the bar.

While it’s been a long time since the Elbo Room was featured in Where the Boys Are, it certainly will be where the building inspectors are until the investigation into the collapse is complete.

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