Dogs Keep Rescuers From Saving Woman in Cape Coral

Cape Coral rescue workers claim that they could not get into a house to respond to a 911 call from a woman because three pit bulls inside the home held them at bay. The family of the woman, who died as a result of the delay, is looking for answers.

It took Cape Coral police fifty minutes to get inside the home. They claim the dogs were a severe threat, and that one of the dogs had broken a front window trying to get to them. “In 16 years, I’ve never seen a dog put his head through a window. That’s a bit of a game changer,” one senior officer who had been on the scene told WBBH News.

The sister of the victim said police should have just killed the dogs, but police countered that shooting them posed too big a risk because a child was in the house. They went on to say that using non-lethal deterrents like pepper spray or stun guns can yield equally unpredictable results when dealing with dogs.

Dog Attack Statistics

Each day about 1,000 people in the United States require emergency care for a dog bite injury. A 2009 report issued by revealed that there were 88 fatalities attributed to dog attacks in one three year period from 2006-2009. Pit Bulls were responsible for 52 of those attacks. In addition, the average cost of a bite-related hospital stay in 2008 was $18,200.

Protecting the Rights of Injury Victims

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