Nursing Home Staffing Requirement Drops in Florida

In order to save money, one state lawmaker proposed that nursing home patients spend less time with a certified nurse every day. That proposal became law on July 1 in Florida, designed to save $40 million a year. The reason for the move – state nursing homes will see $187.5 million less in Medicaid money and as a result, direct one-on-one time with a certified nurse will be reduced from 2.7 hours per day to 2.5 hours. Back in 2007 the Legislature mandated 2.9 hours of direct care a day.

At least another hour of direct came is supposed to come from the nursing home staff. It should come as no surprise that staff reductions will occur. The union that represents health care workers said that petitions were delivered to 41 nursing homes last week asking them to maintain their staffing levels, but the reality is that few will be able to withstand the financial blow leveled by this legislative session.

Medicaid pays for 61 percent of billable days in a nursing home, while Medicare pays for 19 percent and the remaining 20 percent is paid by the resident.

One physician told Health News Florida that it’s tough to justify this area for cuts. A University of South Florida study found fewer bedsores for nursing home residents and falls with adequate staffing. And more staff means residents can interact and stay mentally active.

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