To Inform Families First Alerts Emergency Contacts Following Florida Traffic Accidents

With the holiday season comes a surge of travelers on Florida roads and an increased potential for auto accidents. If you were to be involved an accident – who would be contacted and when? Four million Floridians have made sure that someone close to them is contacted when seconds count following a traffic accident. When you register two emergency contact names with the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, a loved one will be contacted immediately following any sort of crash on the road.

The program was initiated in 2006 after Christine Olson of Brandon, Florida, couldn’t locate her daughter, Tiffany, who had been critically injured in a motorcycle crash. Christine searched six hours for her daughter, when finally she was tipped off that her daughter had been taken to an area hospital only to learn that Tiffany had passed away. Christine never got to say goodbye to her daughter. After the agony she went through, Olson vowed no other parent would have to suffer what she experienced trying to find her daughter. Olson founded TIFF (To Inform Families First), a program that uses the two names that are registered with a person’s driver’s license or state identification card that can be contacted in an emergency such as an auto or motorcycle accident.

Farah & Farah’s Florida car accident attorneys remind readers to be sure to have two names registered with every family members’ driver’s license to give some peace of mind.

It is quick and convenient to register at or at any Florida DMV office. There is no cost.