Judge Blocks Drilling Moratorium

Based on a www.tallahassee.com A federal judge in New Orleans has given the green light to deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. You heard that right. The Obama administration had imposed a six-month moratorium on new deepwater drilling projects in response to the tragedy in the Gulf caused by BP and assorted other companies including Halliburton and Transocean.

The president imposed the ban because, as we clearly see, drilling at such depths doesn’t make sense, puts rig workers in danger, not to mention has the potential to pollute the Gulf for the next 20 years. But the judge said the administration acted rashly in imposing the ban just because one rig failed.

The White House plans to appeal.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said, “Continuing to drill at these depths without knowing what happened does not make any sense and puts the safety of those involved and the environment in the Gulf at a danger that the president does not believe we can afford right now.”

Sounds like stating the obvious.

The U.S. District Judge is Martin Feldman of New Orleans. Companies in the area that service offshore oil rigs had asked him to overturn the moratorium so that some workers could make a living again and he complied.

Despite the fact that the BP Deepwater Horizon has spewed more than 100 million gallons of oil into the Gulf, Judge Feldman didn’t see the need to stop future deepwater drilling. Judges are not always right and the ruling essentially keeps federal officials from enforcing any moratorium until there is a trial, though he did not set any trial date.

Delay and deny justice, the environment suffers, and no one really gets back to work, unless they are part of the cleanup crew.

Meanwhile, the Interior Department will study the potential risks of deepwater drilling. All they really need to do is turn on their television and begin to grasp the vast number of unanswered questions by an industry that is supposed to be filled with experts and promises. Just how many strikes should this industry get?

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