Jacksonville Beach Bike Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

Popularly referred to as Jax Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Florida is a popular tourist destination. As of July 2007, the Duval County city housed a population just shy of 22,000 residents. The largest town in the Jacksonville Beaches Community, Jax Beach measures just about 7.7 square miles in size, yet plays host to numerous residents and tourists alike each year.

With its favorable climate and scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean, Jax Beach is a prime spot for both residents and tourists to take in the sights and sounds of the city via bicycle. However, with numerous travelers entering and exiting Jacksonville Beach’s city limits each day by using motorized vehicles, bicyclists may find themselves at significant risk of sustaining serious injury in a Jacksonville Beach bike accident. Bike accidents can cause a bicyclist to endure broken bones, torn ligaments, head injury, lacerations, and even death in the most serious of incidents. Although these injuries vary, they may bring about significant financial, emotional, and physical challenges for a bike accident injury victim and his or her family to overcome.

Regardless of the type of personal injury accident, residents and visitors injured in Jax Beach should know that they can rely on Jacksonville Beach personal injury attorneys to protect their rights as accident victims in a court of law. Often times, the negligent action of another party contributes to a personal injury accident such as a bike collision. Those responsible for such negligence can be held liable for their actions, and may be forced to pay compensatory damages to injured individuals.

Personal injury can strike at any time, particularly in an area such as Jacksonville Beach where the number of individuals out and about is particularly high. The experienced Jacksonville Beach bike accident lawyers at Farah and Farah will examine the circumstances your case and protect your rights. Get in touch with Farah and Farah at our Jacksonville Beach office to schedule a free case consultation:

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