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Gainesville is located in Florida within Alachua County and is home to about 114,375 residents. In being recognized in the 2007 edition of Cities Ranked and Rated, Gainesville took the number 1 rating for the best place to live for its beautiful scenery. National Geographic Adventure also included Gainesville as one of the “best places to live and play,” which inhabitants, visitors and University of Florida students can attest to. As a popular and aesthetic city in Florida, Gainesville calls for several bicyclists. However, as a consequence of negligent driving or improperly maintained roadways, bike accidents in Gainesville occur from time to time.

Accident statistics for 2008 from the Florida Highway Patrol noted that 118 bicycles were killed in accidents and 4,775 crashes involving bicycles took place. An injured bicyclist may seek compensation when injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, such as when a motorist is driving while under the influence of alcohol or was violating a traffic law. In such instances, an injured victim may want to seek legal counsel and representation from an experienced Gainesville bicycle crash lawyer.

All drivers of small or commercial vehicles have the duty of following all laws of the road, including checking blind spots for bicyclists before making a lane change. Bicycle accidents in Gainesville can create unexpected and serious physical, financial and emotional challenges for an injured bike rider and his or her family. Some frequently experienced bicycle collision injuries include fractures, broken bones, severe cuts, torn ligaments, disfigurement, paralysis, head injury, and even death.

At Farah and Farah, our Gainesville injury attorneys assist those injured in bike accidents and various other types of accidents brought about by someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior. In our many years of experience helping injury victims receive the compensation that they deserve, we know what it takes to reach a successful outcome in a wide range of injury cases. Contact Farah and Farah today to find out more about your legal rights and to schedule a free consultation by calling us at our Gainesville office:

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