Orange Park Bike Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys

Orange Park is located within Northeast Clay County and is a popular town and suburb of Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to attracting a variety of visitors throughout the year, the city of Orange Park is home to more than approximately 9,043 residents and Clay County encompasses over 180,000 individuals. As a major section of such a densely populated area, Orange Park experiences its share of bike accidents, especially with an increase in residents attempting to save money on gas and get more exercise. When a bike injury collision is caused by a negligent or distracted driver, an injured bicyclist may want to get in touch with a skilled Orange Park bike accident attorney.

It is an unfortunate reality that several motorists fail to yield the right-of-way to bicyclists, and even pedestrians and other vehicles. Statistic estimates from the U.S. Department of Transportation reveal that about 2% of all traffic accident deaths and incidents of injury involve bicycles. Whether a bike crash causing death or injury takes place in Orange Park, FL or anywhere else in the U.S., these types of accidents can impose several physical, emotional and financial consequences for an injured individual and their family to surmount. Some common bike accident injuries include broken bones, permanent scaring, disfigurement, lacerations, bruising, paralysis, brain injury, and even death. Although these injuries range in severity, many of them may contribute to steep medical bills, loss of wages, emotional trauma, and other damages.

The experienced Orange Park personal injury attorneys at Farah and Farah have dedicated many years to assisting those injured in bike accidents due to another person’s negligence. We have the legal resources and knowledge to handle any personal injury case, whether it relates to a bike accident, pedestrian injury, or another kind of automobile accident. Get in touch with Farah and Farah for more information regarding your legal rights and to schedule a free consultation by contacting us at our Orange Park, Florida office today:

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