Man Dies After Being Hit By Golf Cart

It is not the typical type of vehicle that can do harm. But a 62-year-old man has died after being hit by a golf cart over the weekend. The accident occurred at the Queen’s Harbour golf course when the man stepped out of the cart to look for a ball and another car hit him and pinned him between the carts. He then hit his head when he fell.

Our sincere condolences go out to the family of this man for this unfortunate accident.

Liability Issues
The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office reports that no charges will be filed, but if I was the family of this man, I would want to know whether there was alcohol involved. Driving a golf cart while intoxicated could place liability on the second driver. A golf cart is unlike a motor vehicle because they are not supposed to be used on roadways. They are not supposed to travel over 20 mph. However, they can be used on the roads inside certain communities and recreational facilities. What happens if someone is injured by a golf cart? Where does the liability fall?

Florida actually defines a golf cart as a dangerous instrumentality because they can be involved in many different types of accidents that cause injury. Because of that, I would want to research whether the owner of the golf cart was responsible for the damages and harm caused. An investigator could determine who the vehicle belongs to and if he had liability coverage in case there is bodily harm or property damage. It is not uncommon for the owner of the golf cart to be named as a defendant in a lawsuit for damages or death.

Typically your golf cart is not covered under your PIP Florida automobile coverage, which is limited to $10,000. As a result, there is a gap in insurance coverage in case your golf cart injures another. Some drivers opt to purchase additional golf cart coverage that includes medical payments. In some cases, a homeowner’s policy will offer coverage.

These are important issues to consider if you allow your children to operate a golf cart in your neighborhood. What seems like simple childhood fun could result in a huge liability. Be sure to talk to an insurance agent, and if there is an injury, consult with a Florida personal injury attorney to make sure your rights are preserved.

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