Brunswick Bike Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys

The Southeast city of Brunswick, GA, is an industrial area known for its city life as well as its seafood and automotive production. Brunswick is home of the eastern United States’ number four largest automobile port and is often called the world’s “shrimp capital” for its ample shrimp and crab supply. Brunswick is also the number twelve most populated metro area in Georgia State and its estimated city population of 16,235 does not include the 101,792 metropolitans that dwell in the central city and surrounding neighborhoods. With such a large number of residents, many opt for public or personal transportation, including the use of a bicycle. Unfortunately, bike accidents and instances of personal injury can occur, and the victim may be in need of a personal injury lawyer.

There are many preventative measures bicycle riders can take to protect themselves from injury. To name a few, a helmet can be worn to protect head damage, and awareness of weather conditions can help a rider to choose a better route or prevent an unnecessary slip and fall from wet or icy ground. Unfortunately, not all bicycle accidents and injuries are the fault of the rider and collisions may arise from third party negligence. A distracted motorist may fail to yield to a bike rider when merging lanes or an intoxicated driver could recklessly strike the biker. In such cases, motorist negligence can cause a bike accident that may result in personal injury, including broken bones, paralysis, or severe body lacerations. Many of these injuries can leave lasting scars on the skin, cause victims to suffer long-term emotional trauma, and create financial debt from intense medical treatment. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident as the result of someone else’s negligence, a Brunswick Georgia bicycle accident lawyer may be able to help you and your family receive due compensation for pain and expenses.

The skilled and dedicated lawyers at Farah and Farah have many years of experience protecting the rights of Brunswick, Georgia personal injury and bike accidents victims. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have the legal knowledge and resources to help you receive compensation for personal injuries, emotional grief, and financial losses. To receive a completely free consultation of your case, please contact Farah and Farah at our Brunswick, Georgia office today:

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