Gainesville Birth Injury and Hospital Malpractice Lawyers

The city of Gainesville, Florida, is the largest in Alachua County with an estimated population of 114,375 and also is home to one of the biggest national universities, the University of Florida. Gainesville scenery is highly regarded, according to the 2007 edition of Cities Ranked and Rated, which named it the #1 place to live, and National Geographic Adventure noted it as one of the “best places to live and play.” As a top city and an education landmark, the Gainesville community may be publicly regarded as a safe environment. However, from time to time, incidents of hospital malpractice in Gainesville take place in which birth injury may be a result.

A birth injury is one of the most grief sustaining incidents that no family should every have to experience, especially when a family is under the impression that they can trust professional medical staff to provide adequate hospital care. When a hospital official, physician, or nurse practitioner fails to handle a critical birthing situation, the newly born baby may sustain serious health problems, mental defects, physical disfigurement, or even death under the most traumatic circumstances. In addition to the baby potentially suffering from medical negligence, the mother may also endure serious harm as well. In such conditions of suffering from the improper care of a negligent professional, a family may want to seek the help of a skilled Gainesville birth injury lawyer to find out their legal rights and possible options for compensation.

Not only is birth injury an unfortunate occurrence, but hospital malpractice is a serious form of negligence that causes people seeking treatment unnecessary physical pain and avoidable emotional grief. Common forms of hospital malpractice include improperly prescribed drugs, misdiagnosis, error during surgery, and even ignoring a patient in a desperate condition. Though a doctor or staff member may have caused irreversible errors, these parties may be held liable for any pain, expenses or unfulfilled responsibilities as medical professionals.

Farah and Farah personal injury attorneys have been working with families and the victims of medical malpractice and birth injury for several years and have the experience necessary to help protect the rights of mistreated patients. If you or a family member has experienced financial, emotional, or physical grief or loss due to medical malpractice or birth injury, contact the Gainesville offices of Farah and Farah for a free and confidential consultation:

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