New Requirements to Get Florida Drivers License

Need to get a driver license in the New Year?

You will need to be aware of the new documentation requirements by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Beginning January 1, 2010, those who need a new license, or who have changed their name or are there to replace a lost or stolen license or ID card must bring the following: 1) identification, 2) a Social Security number and 3) two items that show your residential address.

If you simply need to renew the license, you can do so via the Internet or by mail one time between office renewals in a state driver license office or a participating tax collectors office. The state has created a Web site to help you with what is required and provides drivers with a list of local driver license offices.

None of these requirements are in place before January 1, 2010. Florida’s new law was enacted to comply with the Federal Real ID Act which grew from the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to have an accurate accounting of all Floridians with driver’s licenses.

You’ll recall that some of the terrorists who attacked the U.S. in September 11, 2001, had obtained a driver license in Florida.

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