Palatka Auto Product Liability and Van Rollover Lawyers

The city of Palatka is home to approximately 10,804 and has seen a 7.5% jump in population since 2000. As a popular city in Florida, Palatka only has a population density of 1553 people per square mile in its stretch of 6.96 square miles in size, which is fairly low compared to other cities comparable in size. Situated in Putnam County, a little over 20% of Palatka residents both live and work in the city. With such a large amount of people commuting within and outside of Palatka’s area limits, the reliance on privately owned vehicles is evident.

With the amount of vehicles on the road in Palatka in mind, an unfortunate occurrence of accidents, injuries, and death have been known to occur due to defective vehicles. Whether these catastrophic incidents are brought on by disjointed auto manufacturing standards or the negligence of a particular auto maker, the failure of auto parts can have damaging repercussions for drivers and passengers to endure.

One of the most controversial vehicles when it comes to auto product liability is the 15-passenger van. Despite continuous warnings about the risk and inadequacy of 15-passenger vans provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation, consumers still buy and use these vehicles. Defective in their design, 15-passenger vans possess a high center of gravity that creates a vulnerability of “fishtailing” and overturning. Tire inflation which can cause a rollover accident is also a major issue of concern with 15-passenger vans.

When a defective vehicle or poorly designed auto part causes innocent people to suffer serious injury, compensation may be sought on their behalf from negligent parties responsible for manufacturing the vehicle or its parts. The experienced Palatka auto product liability attorneys at Farah and Farah have many years of experience helping defective vehicle injury victims in receiving just restitution. Whether you think that your auto accident and resulting injuries were brought on by a defect in a small passenger vehicle, truck, or 15-passenger van, our Florida personal injury lawyers can help. Please contact Farah and Farah today at our Palatka office for a free consultation:

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