Jacksonville Beach Auto Product Liability and Van Rollover Lawyers

As the largest town within the Jacksonville Beach community, Jacksonville Beach has an estimated population of 21,849. The population of Jacksonville Beach has grown by 4% since the year 2000. Often called “Jax Beach”, the popular area is a major section of Duval County. In being called home by thousands, Jacksonville Beach also attracts several tourists throughout the year to its beautiful beaches and vast cultural attractions.

With its immense population and large amount of visitors taking to the road and local highways, it is an ill-fated reality that accidents, injuries, and even death take place in Jacksonville Beach due to defective vehicles. Whether these tragic incidents are caused by the negligence of a particular auto maker or auto manufacturing standards that are unorganized, the breakdown of auto components often create detrimental circumstances for drivers and passengers to endure.

At the head of auto product liability concern, the U.S. Department of Transportation has constantly cautioned consumers about the threat and inadequacy of 15-passenger vans. These vehicles are defectively designed due to possessing a high center of gravity which creates a tendency to “fishtail” and overturn. Additionally, 15-passenger vans have demonstrated serious problems with tire inflation which can cause a rollover collision. These accidents may sometimes lead to a roof caving in and seriously injuring anyone within the van.

Those who have been injured by a defective vehicle or poorly designed auto part have legal rights and deserve to receive compensation from negligent parties. The skilled Jacksonville Beach auto product liability lawyers at Farah and Farah have years of experience helping defective vehicle injury victims obtain the restitution that is owed to them. Whether you believe your auto accident and resulting injuries were brought on by a defect in a small passenger vehicle, truck, or 15-passenger van, our personal injury lawyers may be of assistance. Contact Farah and Farah today at our Jacksonville Beach office for a free consultation of your case:

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