Jacksonville Auto Product Liability and Van Rollover Lawyers

The city of Jacksonville has a population of about 805,605 and is the most populated city in the state of Florida. Jacksonville is also the 12th most populous city in the U.S. Covering 874.3 square miles in size, Jacksonville is the biggest city in the country for total land area. As more and more people are drawn to the vast culture and lively nature of Jacksonville, the area’s popularity for tourism also increases. Taking the large amount of inhabitants and visitors throughout Jacksonville into consideration, accidents, injuries, and even wrongful death occur as a result of defective vehicles. Some of these incidents take place due to shoddy auto manufacturing standards or the negligence of a specific auto maker. Nevertheless, the failure of auto components can create numerous life-altering effects for drivers and passengers to endure.

One major point of concern for auto product liability and auto defects pertains to 15-passenger vans. Even with the U.S. Department of Transportation issuing warnings for consumers regarding potential dangers associated with the inefficiency of 15-passenger vans, these vehicles are still purchased and used. 15-passenger vans are defectively designed with a notable high center of gravity which creates a propensity to “fishtail” and overturn. Issues with tire inflation are also a serious problem with 15-passenger vans because this can contribute to a rollover collision.

Individuals who have suffered property damage, physical injury, or emotional trauma from an accident involving a poorly designed auto part or defective vehicle have legitimate legal rights. As an auto product liability injury victim, you may be able to receive compensation from negligent parties to help pay for expenses associated with your grievances. The skilled Jacksonville auto product liability lawyers at Farah and Farah have dedicated many years to assisting defective vehicle injury victims in obtaining the restitution that they deserve. Whether you believe your auto collision and resulting injuries were brought on by a defect in a small passenger vehicle, truck, or 15-passenger van, our personal injury attorneys can help. Contact Farah and Farah today at our Jacksonville office for a free and confidential consultation of your case:

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