Hit and Run Bicyclist Survives to Tell His Story

A bicyclist has been in the hospital and recovering for the last six weeks after a hit-and-run driver nearly killed him while riding on his bicycle.

He was on his bike on McCormick Road in Jacksonville, training for a charity ride, the MS 150, in Daytona. But on October 1, two days before the event, he was hit by a truck, pinning his bike against the railing and throwing him in the air. He says he has no recollection of being hit or of the driver speeding off leaving him behind in the road.

Five broken ribs and a broken shoulder blade, three weeks in the hospital, a drug-induced coma, and 40 pounds lighter, the injured bicyclist is happy to be alive. His wife can’t believe someone left her husband in the road to die.

“I was floored by the disregard that someone had for him. As he said, there was ample bicycle lanes, no reason for this to have happened,” she said.

McCormick Road has just received its own bike lane just so accidents like this don’t happen. But they do.

Florida leads the nation in bicycle deaths with 118 last year and 4,380 injuries. Just to put that in perspective, California has twice the population, yet came in second in deaths.

Just add cell phones and texting to a lack of visibility, caring and patience, and it’s a formula for disaster for our state’s cyclists.

The injured bicyclist tells First Coast News that he hopes his story will raise awareness and drive home the point that we all share the roads and all share equal responsibility. But there are still the drivers and passengers in cars who reach out and see if they can slap a bicyclist, just for fun, and there are the drivers who hit-and-run and get away with it.

If you have been injured by a vehicle, we hope you check your options with an experienced Florida personal injury attorney so you don’t have to go it alone.