Amelia Island Auto Product Liability and Van Rollover Lawyers

Amelia Island, Florida is situated just off the coast of Florida and is a bustling part of Nassau County. Also referred to as the “Isle of Eight Flags”, Amelia Island has a population of approximately 68,437 within 18.2 square miles. As visitors continue to flock to Amelia Island, tourism thrives and many are drawn to desirable camping sites, sailing spots, and the several festivals hosted by the island every year.

Considering the vast number of visitors and residents throughout Amelia Island, accidents, injuries, and even wrongful death take place as a consequence of vehicles that are defective in some way. Whether these incidents occur because of inefficient auto manufacturing standards or the pure negligence of a particular auto maker, the failure of auto components can inflict several harmful circumstances for drivers and passengers to overcome.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has continuously warned consumers against the potential dangers linked to the inefficiency of 15-passenger vans. However, these vehicles are still purchased and used. 15-passenger vans are poorly designed and create a significantly high center of gravity. Thus, the vehicles have a tendency to “fishtail” and overturn. Tire inflation problems also pose serious issues and can cause a rollover accident to take place.

As an auto product liability injury victim, you may be able to receive compensation from negligent parties to help pay for expenses associated with your grievances. The skilled Amelia Island auto product liability attorneys at Farah and Farah have devoted many years to helping defective vehicle injury victims obtain the restitution that they deserve. Whether you think your auto collision and subsequent injuries were caused by a defect in a small passenger vehicle, truck, or 15-passenger van, our personal injury lawyers can help. Contact Farah and Farah today at our Amelia Island office for a free and confidential consultation of your case:

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