Abducted Child’s Body Found – What Can Parents Do?

We put computer chips on dogs to find them when they are lost. Your new Blackberry may have a Global Positioning Satellite or GPS. Why do we not have some tracking devices attached to our most precious gift – our children?

The need was made painfully clear in Orange Park near Jacksonville this week when the body of a little 7-year-old was found discarded in a Georgia landfill. The girl had disappeared while walking home from her Orange Park, Florida elementary school.

The young child and her family are in our prayers. No one can rest until this monster is found.
There are about 115 children kidnapped by strangers every year in the U.S. and entrepreneurs have been frantically working to come up with devices that allow us to track our children.

Many people think that microchips, put under the skin, help you find a child. But when put into our pets, they allow shelters to run a scanner and obtain information on the owner. They are not tracking devices.

The VeriChip Company makes a version called VeriKid, which is used in Mexico. VeriKid can only find children when scanners are put in public places kidnapped children may travel.

Wherify GPS Personal Locator combines GPS and digital wireless technologies to pinpoint a wearers position within a few feet. Parents can view satellite or street map or call an 800 number. Cost is $800 and more each month for monitoring. Parents lock the bracelet onto the child’s wrist.

Amber/AlertGPS is a small gadget that tells parents where their child is at all times. It features a button your child can push when they are in trouble sending out an SOS signal to five preselected people on their mobile phones and email addresses and can be placed in their pocket or backpack. You can set areas like a quarter mile around home or school you automatically gets an alarm, can also be used for speeding teenagers. At a cost of $379 with tracking plans ranging from $10 to $60 a month, it’s a little too costly for most parents.

GPS T80G Tracking Watch calls itself the world’s smallest watch. It contains a built-in GPS and looks like something a child would watch. It too comes with preset areas and sends out an SOS when the child leaves the area.

Lok8u is a real watch that tells time. If the watch is forcible removed from the child’s wrist an alert with location information is immediately sent to the parent’s cell phone. Parents can set up safe zones for the child. The cost is $200 with a $10 monthly monitoring fee.

There have always been bad people in the world and the community is on alert hoping and praying that they find this perpetrator. Technology can step-in and help keep our children a little safer, but many are just relying on keeping them a little closer.

Too bad we can’t use this technology to find the bad guys.