15-Year-Old’s Trial for Auto Accident Wrongful Death to Begin

He is the 15-year-old teen who went for a joy ride on the last day of school in June with an overloaded SUV that rolled, killing four of his friends.

Now 16-years-old, he is set to go to trial October 19th, charged with four counts of driving without a license, causing serious bodily injury and careless driving. Of the nine counts, eight are felonies.

Police say the teen was driving to the beach when a rear tire blew causing the SUV to flip. Several people claim that the teen actually kept the car on the road for quite a while after the tire blew. His defense attorney claims that the reconditioned tire was defective and never should have been sold. With a catastrophic tire failure, many were surprised that the State Attorney’s office decided to prosecute the teen at all.

The community of Jacksonville has been divided over this case. The teen was driving when he shouldn’t have been. At the age of 15, he didn’t even have a permit.

None of the nine individuals in the vehicle were wearing a seat belt, except for the teen driver standing accused in this case. He was unhurt when the vehicle rolled over on I-295 near Pritchard Road. That doesn’t exactly paint a picture of a reckless driver.

Even some of the families of the four teens who died are showing support and compassion for the teen. Our hearts certainly go out to the families of the children who were killed.

The teen will have to live with his terrible mistake forever, whatever a jury decides.

Source article: http://www.news4jax.com/news/21240794/detail.html