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Orange Park is a suburb of Jacksonville located in Northeast Clay County just south of Jacksonville, Florida. Rich in history and a thriving community, Orange Park has a great deal to offer. Clay County, which Orange Park is located in, is also a bustling region of Florida. With a population in excess of 180,000 and a very high population density, Orange Park experiences its share of premises liability incidents when properties such as hospitals, private homes, department stores, and many other well traversed places overlook necessary safety precautions that end up causing personal injury to an innocent visitor, patient, or customer. When such events take place, an injured victim who suffers from an accident on someone else’s property can seek legal counsel from an experienced Orange park premises liability lawyer.

Businesses and property owners must do everything possible regarding their premises to warn, inspect, repair, and maintain any hazardous or dangerous conditions. In the most serious of cases, a slip and fall accident or other premises incident can result in wrongful death, in which the decedent’s family may be able to seek compensation. Being injured on another’s premises can result in steep medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and other expenses associated with your injury that a skilled premises liability attorney can help you receive compensation for.

Property owners are responsible for any safety hazards on their premises that could cause harm to guests or customers. A far too common example is a homeowner with a pool who neglects to take necessary steps to protect children from drowning. Another unfortunate injury could result from a store with a wet floor that did not post a warning to shoppers. At Farah and Farah, our dedicated and experienced Orange Park slip and fall attorneys may be able to hold the business owner responsible for neglecting to uphold his or her premises in a reasonable safe condition for the welfare of all customers. For a free consultation regarding your premises liability or slip and fall accident case, contact Farah and Farah today at our Orange Park office:

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