Naked Motorcyclist – 5th DUI

It sounds like a comedy skit, except it is not funny. A man was driving his motorcycle naked on I-75 in Marion County early Tuesday morning. A Marion County deputy was driving when he stopped the naked man, a 45-year-old, at a red light. There were no answers to the question why he was naked but the deputy did get an answer from his breathalyzer test – a blood alcohol level above .08. The man was legally drunk. This was not a surprise.

The motorcyclist was charged with what was his fifth DUI. Jail records showed he was later released on $20,000 bail.

The U.S. is the most lenient nation when it comes to DUI. In Europe, many countries say if you drink, you don’t drive. The general standard for DUI there is 0.05 BAC. Caught over the limit, you are cited and your car is towed. You can lose your license and go to jail for a first offense.

In Dubai, for example, drinking and driving brings you a six month jail sentence. No questions asked. No exceptions. Zero alcohol tolerance.

Zero tolerance means different things in different places. It is illegal in every state for someone under the age of 21 to purchase and publicly possess alcoholic beverages. 46 states, including Florida, have established lower blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) for young drivers. That’s because the federal government reports nearly one-third of all deaths of 15-to-20 year olds result from motor vehicle crashes and one third of them are alcohol-related. In Florida it is .02 for those under the age of 21 driving a vehicle under the state’s “Zero Tolerance” policy.
In Florida an “Enhances Penalty” will be brought if the driver has a BAC particularly high, typically .15 to .20. DUI offenders with a BAC at or above those levels can expect to face additional jail time.

Florida’s “Implied Consent” laws mean that someone driving who is suspected of DUI must submit to some form of a chemical test such as breath, blood or urine testing. If they refuse? They can lose their license usually for six months to a year.

What if we had a zero alcohol tolerance for drinking and driving for all ages? The man by this time should have faced an ignition interlock, meaning he can’t drive if he is drunk, a vehicle confiscation, mandatory alcohol education, losing his license, a fine and jail time. Still, he is out and driving naked and on a motorcycle.

The U.S. leads the world in vehicle deaths at 15.5 per 100,000 drivers. While Zero Tolerance sounds harsh and crazy, so do five DUIs.

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