Jax Port Employee Injured On the Job 110 Feet Up

An accident at the Jacksonville Port Authority led to a dramatic but successful rescue for one injured employee. The unidentified man was working on a 110 foot crane Monday night doing routine maintenance along with six other men, when he suffered a severe back injury. A safety line prevented him from falling to the ground.

In order to get him to the hospital, Jacksonville Fire-Rescue’s Urban Search and Rescue Unit loaded him into a supporting basket surrounded by ropes and had safely lower him to the ground. It was all caught on some dramatic video captured by Channel 4 in Jacksonville. The man dangled in the air for 90 minutes. Jacksonville Fire Rescue said they had trained for such an event including how to safely put a man on a board to lower him down and the effort came off smoothly.

The man is recovering at home after being hospitalized.

This is just the latest bad news for this JaxPort. Last week at the company’s Blount Island facility, a crane weighing almost a thousand tons fell into a row of other cranes. Two of the $6 million cranes are in pieces and a third was damaged. No one was injured in this incident, but certainly it had the potential. And luckily there was no cargo in the area. A structural engineer will have to determine what went wrong, however it should not go without saying that we are in hurricane season and these cranes need to be able to withstand at least tropical storm force winds.

The unidentified man should be covered under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act which provides for the compensation for disability and death of any employee working at a dry dock, terminal, pier wharf, or loading and unloading facilities. Employees are covered if they were moving cargo between the ship and land transportation, as long as they had some direct involvement with maritime activities.

The mission of the Act is to make sure that workers’ compensation benefits are paid promptly and properly and an experienced workers’ compensation firm can help you if you find yourself injured on a port job.

Working in these ports is dangerous work and back and neck injuries are not uncommon. Often these are catastrophic injuries that may take a lifetime of care. Our team of lawyers can help you receive the compensation you are due under the Act by investigating the specifics of your case. We are happy to help. Call the experienced Jacksonville workers’ compensation attorneys at Farah and Farah today for a free consultation.

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