The Many Dangers of Avandia: Study Reveals Heightened Risk for the Elderly

After it was revealed in an analysis of 42 clinical trials in May 2007 that patients taking Avandia to treat Type 2 diabetes faced a 43% greater risk of having a heart attack, concern spread relating to the failure of manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline and the FDA to properly warn consumers about its cardiac risks. Based on a recent report, Avandia is now considered to pose more risk than Actos and a study revealed that senior citizens are the group most at risk of suffering from heart failure and death as a result of using Avandia. According to the article, in analyzing almost 40,000 records of patients 66-years-old and above, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre researchers in Toronto found that for every 93 patients given Avandia as opposed to Actos, there would be one additional cardiovascular event or death each year.

Even though new warning stating the specific risks of myocardial ischemia was added to Avandia’s boxed warning information in November 2007, other serious risks have been brought to the surface, such as liver failure. A Consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen, published the research that revealed Avandia’s risk of liver toxicity and noted that its risks “far outweigh its benefits.” And as skilled Jacksonville, Florida Avandia lawyers, we couldn’t agree more. It is utterly tragic when medication that is supposed to help treat a serious disease or ailment ends up making a condition worse or creating new health problems for an innocent patient to endure.

It is the responsibility of drug manufacturers and distributors to closely monitor their pharmaceuticals to ensure that users are not in danger of suffering such serious calamities as heart failure and wrongful death. If you have suffered any of the described symptoms or risks associated with Avandia, or have noticed any new symptoms, you should seek medical assistance immediately. It may also be in your best interest to contact a skilled pharmaceutical litigation attorney who can help you hold negligent drug manufacturer’s liable for their deceitful actions.

At Farah and Farah, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your Avandia injury case. Our personal injury law firm is also well-versed in wrongful death litigation if you believe that a loved one suffered a wrongful death due to using Avandia. For a free consultation, call Farah and Farah today at 800-533-3555.

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