Hilliard Woman Killed in SUV Accident

This is becoming a weekly report. Another older model Ford Explorer SUV has rolled over, this time killing a woman from North Florida. A 44-year-old woman from Hilliard was driving on County Road 108 near Amos White Road about 5:10 p.m. She suddenly swerved onto the right shoulder. It was raining at the time. The Florida Highway Patrol reports the SUV crossed a culvert and then overturned, hitting a tree in the process. The woman was taken to Shands Jacksonville where she was pronounced dead. The Florida Highway Patrol reports she was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the SUV rollover accident in Jacksonville.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of this woman for their loss. Our office offers our deepest sympathies to them as they go through this difficult time.

According to the Florida State Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Data, in the five years from 2003-7, Nassau County had 85 traffic crash deaths and the county has had significantly higher increases in traffic crashes, injuries and deaths than the Florida average. Also in that time period, more people were pulled over for driving with a suspended or revoked license or with a DUI in Nassau County than other counties in Florida.

At the same time there were fewer traffic citations given in Nassau County than in the rest of Florida.

We don’t have much information on how this accident happened. Was the driver distracted? Was she having a reaction to medication? Were the roads simply too slick to get control of the car? We also don’t know if there might be another driver at fault who caused her to go off the road or whether her car malfunctioned.

We do know that Ford Explorers made in 1997 did not come equipped with stability control.
After many unnecessary deaths, in late 2005 the Explorer SUVs came equipped with Roll Stability Control, featuring roll-rate sensing and correcting capability to allow drivers to more easily maintain vehicle control during extreme maneuvers such as correcting the steering wheel when the car was drifting off the road.

Class-action lawsuits have forced the company to incorporate more safety features including a more stable vehicle, less likely to roll over.

In such car accidents, where there are many unknowns, it is in the best interest of the family to consult with an experienced Florida car accident lawyer who can track the official investigation and analyze the facts of the case. If there is some wrongdoing or a defective product, another party can be held accountable civilly or criminally. Call Farah and Farah today for a free consultation.

Source report:http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2009-08-14/story/hilliard_woman_dies_in_nassau_county_crash