Jacksonville Among Top Cities for Distracted Teen Drivers

This is a dubious distinction for the city of Jacksonville.

Our city is one of three in Florida that tops the list for deadly crashes involving teen drivers. A recent study from Allstate puts Jacksonville third behind Tampa and Orlando as the cities with the deadlines teen drivers, most of them texting, talking, changing a CD, or the radio, all made up 77 percent of deadly crashes involving young drivers. Of course, you don’t have to be young to be a distracted driver, but more experienced drivers are likely to resist the novelty of electronic communication.

Because car collisions in Jacksonville are the number-one killer of teenagers, Allstate is initiating Action Against Distraction driving course for Jacksonville to teach teen drivers how to stay focused on the road. As part of the course, teens are told to talk on the cell phone, listen to loud music, even eat a pack of Oreos as they drive – all to illustrate distracted driving.

One 17-year-old male who totaled his father’s car a few months ago decided to take the course. He tells the Florida Times-Union, “Everybody’s driving needs improvement”. As part of the improvement, he learned to weave through a line of cones that had been made part of an obstacle course at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. He was also asked to read a text message as he drove through the cones at about 10 mph. It was more difficult than all of the dozen teens thought it would be. All vowed no more texting or eating while driving.

Nationally about 5,000 American teenagers lose their lives every year while another 300,000 are injured. Unfortunately they don’t think about death, but it is a reality.

Florida has so far refused to join the 14 other states that have some ban on texting or cell phone conversations behind the wheel, so it’s entirely appropriate that Big Insurance pick up the slack, before there is an accident rather than after they occur.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Jacksonville that was caused by a driver who was negligent in texting or was otherwise distracted, you will need the advice of an experienced Jacksonville car accident attorney at Farah and Farah to inform you of your rights in this ever changing area of the law. Call Farah and Farah today for more information about what can be done to seek compensation for damages and financial costs associated with your injuries.