Florida Chinese Drywall Victims Call on Washington

A Florida resident has called President Obama to come over to her custom home in Port St. Lucie and see for himself what Chinese drywall is doing to her, according to a report. She has organized a number of people, organized from the internet, all living in homes constructed with the defective drywall that emits sulfuric odors and gasses responsible for corroding wiring and who knows what else.

She is part of a new trend – homeowners who are rattling some cages to try and get federal and immediate help so they can move out of their homes. She has contacted hundreds of people who she hopes will join her in her campaign to get the White House interested in these defective products in Florida.

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson has suggested the President create a “one-stop’ federal drywall assistance center, where homeowners can go for the latest information on the problem and resources to try and find a solution.

About 100,000 households were built with drywall from China between the years 2000 to 2008, and their insurance policies have decided not to cover them. Unless they can afford to move out, while the federal government concludes dozens of investigations, they must stay put, or sleep in a tent in the yard, not knowing what the corrosive qualities of the sulfur might be doing to their family’s health.

Why do you pay your insurance premium? Just for a time like this. I applaud this Florida resident and the others for trying to do something to bring added attention to their plight.
Unethical builders may have one solution for desperate homeowners. We warn any resident against signing unfair, one-sided remediation contracts, allegedly to get them to fix the problem in your home. Preying on people anxious to get their homes back, once they are signed, you will have no remedies.

Please have an experienced Florida personal injury attorney see what is promised and when repairs will be completed. A legal professional needs to be involved to read all of the fine print before you put your name to any agreement offered by an insurance company or builder. By signing, you may be forfeiting your legal rights in return for a substandard job, or no job at all. For more information regarding your product liability case, contact Farah and Farah today.