CVS Drug Store Sells Skittles, Cocaine in Box

When a 14-year-old went into a CVS Pharmacy in Middleburg in North Florida, he bought a bag of Skittles candy. However, the teen got more than the little colorful candies, according to a report. He found a bag of cocaine next to the bag of Skittles in the candy box that was sitting near the front register and brought it to the attention of his father.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office tested the bag and found it was cocaine. The family then went back to CVS and talked to the manager who told them there was no reason to remove the remaining bags from the box.

A CVS spokesman later went on record to say that security cameras were unable to see who dropped off the 1.2 gram bag and the store says there is no evidence someone placed the drug near the candy. The spokesman denied that the manager initially laughed off the problem and said that at the time of the purchase, the cocaine was not brought to their attention.

The teen’s mother stated:

“What upset me was the fact that it was in the candy…a lot of times we let our 3-year-old pick out the candy he wants, and had it been my 3-year-old that got it and we were not paying close attention, then he would not have known to give it to me. He would have put it in his pocket and eventually in his mouth.”

The Sheriff’s Office reviewed the tape to try and find out who might have dropped the cocaine in the box but couldn’t find anyone because the camera was not in the range of the candy aisle. Without an image, the Sheriff’s office says the case is now closed.

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