West Palm Listerine Product Liability

Two years ago, one 10 year old girl, was doing well in school and at home, but she had one reoccurring problem. She kept having strep throat. Her mother and doctor couldn’t figure out what was going on until the girl had to give up her bedroom to guests for a week. Her strep throat went away.

According to an article, turns out she didn’t use her dental rinse during that time. Agent Cool Blue Listerine is geared toward children and shows up a blue color when plaque is left behind. It’s supposed to encourage brushing. Instead it is encouraging a lawsuit.

This girl is now at the head of what may turn out to be a class action product liability lawsuit. Listerine, made by a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, admitted to consumers that four different types of bacteria were found in the formulation two years ago. The four contaminants were: pseudomonas flurorescens; klebsiella oxytoca; serratia marcescens; enterobactar cloacae; all bacteria that grew in the absence of any preservative.

About 200 potential plaintiffs have joined the product liability lawsuit complaining of the same symptoms, repeated strep throat, high temperature, extremely large sores in their mouths, and cracking of permanent molars.

The company immediately reformulated the product and added a preservative.

But that may not have done the trick.

As news has circulated about the class-action lawsuit, parents are again expressing concern around the country that their kids are experiencing similar symptoms.

A spokesman for the company told WPBF News 25 in West Palm Beach, “We don’t comment on ongoing litigation.” Ongoing discovery in the case should determine whether the formula’s correction worked.

In the meantime, parents are reminded to remove any of the old products of Agent Cool Blue. The recalled items would have an expiration date of 2008. Any parent whose child is experiencing these symptoms should call a skilled Florida product liability attorney and personal injury lawyer who can help them navigate the courts in this action. Contact Farah and Farah today for a free and confidential evaluation.