Three Wrecks and You’re Off the Road

A new law in Florida should make our roads safer from individuals who just don’t take driving seriously.

According to a report, beginning January 1, any driver who is convicted of three moving violations that led to a Florida car crash during a three-year-period will lose their license. Once that happens, the motorist will be able to get their license back if they pass a $500 education course and pay another $48 to take and pass the driver’s test.
Drivers be warned – the clock does not start ticking on this new law January 1. Any crashes in 2008 and 2009 will count, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

How many of you have wished there was a “refresher course” for some drivers, especially the ones who follow too closely behind someone, text while driving, and pass on the right in your blind spot?

The state has already identified some people who will likely be first in line for the course. 3,277 motorists have been identified as being involved in at least three accidents since 2006. 372 of those drivers are from Jacksonville, while Miami-Dade has slightly more at 379 dangerous drivers. But note – Miami has three times as many licensed drivers! The state has no idea why Jacksonville’s numbers are so high.

According to the state, highway fatalities have dropped to an eight-year low with traffic-related fatalities on roadways decreasing 7.4 percent to 2,983 last year. This is the first time there have been fewer than 3,000 traffic deaths in Florida since 2000. But the Jacksonville numbers are still troubling.

Now taking licenses away permanently might speak volumes to some of these drivers.

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