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Orange Park is a suburb of Jacksonville located in Northeast Clay County just south of Jacksonville, Florida. Rich in history and a thriving community, Orange Park has a great deal to offer. Clay County, which Orange Park is located in, is also a bustling region of Florida. With a population in excess of 180,000 and a very high population density, hundreds of residents and visitors rely on a variety of medication to maintain healthy living or treat an illness or condition. Many people don’t want to believe or admit that pharmaceutical litigation in Orange Park occurs due to adverse drug reactions and dangerous side effects that went undetected in testing or were ignored while more products were distributed.

As patients and consumers who often rely on the aid of pharmaceutical products, we expect that the products we are prescribed or buy over-the-counter are safe and don’t pose a risk to our lives. When a manufacturing company distributes medication that causes dangerous side effects to its users, those who are injured may receive compensation; however, this is no easy task. An experienced Orange Park pharmaceutical litigation attorney can help you if you’ve suffered injury due to medication by evaluating the evidence involved so that justice can be attained.

While encountering a variety of life’s obstacles, many people require medical attention for different conditions and emergencies of all kinds. Unfortunately, cases of medical malpractice in Orange Park happen from time to time, as they do across the nation, resulting from failure to diagnose, birth injuries, hospital negligence, and surgical injuries, just to name a few. The knowledge and skills of a Orange Park medical malpractice attorney is needed when taking on insurance companies, big hospitals, and/or doctors who will do anything like cover up mistakes so that they aren’t held responsible for their negligent actions that put innocent people at risk for suffering life-changing injury or wrongful death. If you have been injured from a defective drug or have suffered medical malpractice in Orange Park, contact the personal injury law firm of Farah and Farah today for a confidential consultation:

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