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Lake City is located in Columbia County, Florida and is known as the “Gateway To Florida.” With a population of about 12,000 and in a county whose population is on the rise (Columbia County has close to 68,000 inhabitants as of 2006), Lake City has become a popular tourist destination as well as a stop for those on route to Southern Florida. With such an expanse of visitors and residents who encounter all sorts of medical needs due to emergencies, injuries, illnesses, or health conditions, medical malpractice in Lake City is prone to occur.

Although most of us don’t want to believe or admit that medical malpractice in Lake City poses serious life-long affects because of failure to diagnose, birth injuries, hospital negligence, and surgical injuries, this kind of negligence is a reality throughout the U.S. and Florida. The knowledge and skills of a Lake City medical malpractice attorney is needed when taking on insurance companies, big hospitals, and/or doctors who will do anything, such as cover up mistakes, so that they aren’t held responsible for their negligent actions that put innocent people at risk for suffering life-changing injury or wrongful death.

As patients and consumers in Lake City who often rely on the aid of pharmaceutical products to help recover from or treat an illness, we expect that the products we are prescribed or buy over-the-counter are safe and don’t pose a risk to our lives. When a manufacturing company distributes medication that causes dangerous side effects to its users, those who are injured may receive compensation; however, this is no easy task. Pharmaceutical litigation is a complex process that requires an experienced Lake City pharmaceutical litigation attorney to help evaluate your case and the evidence involved so that justice can be attained. Contact Farah and Farah today to speak with a member of our legal team or contact us at our Lake City offices:

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