Child Welcomed Home After Being Run Over

An 18-month old suffered brain injuries in Jacksonville when she was hit by a car backing up at the Blodget Villas Apartments on June 2. She was in critical condition and had been in a coma as she battled a swelled brain. Saturday, June 27, her family celebrated her welcome home, according to a report. The little girl is walking and talking. She’ll be going to therapy three times a week, but all around is lucky to be alive.

We wish this young child a continued speedy recovery.

Luckily the little girl had a quick thinking grandmother who got her to Shands Hospital about four blocks away. When an accident results in a Florida traumatic brain injury, the intensive care unit can stabilize a patient until the bruised brain heals. In some cases, brain cells can regain their function. Whatever the reason for this miraculous recovery, we are grateful.

The little girl got away from her grandmother in the complex parking lot when she was hit, and unfortunately this is all too common an occurrence. The CDC reports over 9,100 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms due to non traffic, non-crash incidents. By far, backovers caused the bulk of the fatal kids and cars incidents – 44 percent of incidents from 2002 to 2007.
It actually happened again on June 21, when a 19-month-old went to follow her mother taking out the garbage. We have not heard an update on her condition after a truck ran over her hand. The driver simply didn’t see her.

Janette Fennell of the consumer group, Kids and Cars, finds that two kids a week are backed over and it is 100 percent preventable.

We welcome you to visit her Web site and see what you can do to retrofit your car so you can see a child. It might involve a rear view camera or audio sensor that beeps when someone is behind the bumper. Seeing a little body is practically impossible, especially with today’s very large vehicles or trucks. Please consider using extra caution when driving around children and consider adding more visibility to your vehicle.

At Farah and Farah, our experienced car accident attorneys in Florida understand how emotionally straining and physically challenging it is to recover injuries sustained in auto accidents of all types, including non-crash incidents. A family must endure even tougher times when children are involved in such accidents. For more information on what to do after an auto accident in Florida to receive compensation, contact us today.