Baker County Crash

Two people died and two others were injured in a one-vehicle car accident in Northeast Florida that injured a four-year-old. The crash happened just northeast of Macclenny at about 6 p.m., according to a report.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that the car was traveling north on County Road 125 and for unknown reasons veered off the road onto the shoulder. The driver just kept going and apparently did not apply his brakes or try to correct the path. After about 175 feet, the car, a Lincoln Continental, hit a large oak tree.

The driver from Pensacola and a front seat passenger were trapped in the vehicle for more than an hour while rescue workers tried to extricate them. The FHP says two passengers died from their injuries.

The little 4-year-old received serious injuries. The driver was in serious condition, but survived.

What we know so far from FHP is that everyone was wearing their seat belts and that alcohol was a factor in the wreck.

It is state law that every child be placed in a federally approved child restraint device or in the case of a 4 or 5-year-old, they must be in a separate carrier or an integrated child seat or seat belt. We are thankful that someone thought to strap this child in as it likely saved his life.

That’s where our appreciation ends. A blood alcohol level for intoxication in Florida is .08 and if FHP investigators find that this driver was over the legal limit, and that driving while intoxicated led to two deaths, he could be charged with manslaughter or vehicular homicide and could spend up to 15 years in prison.

An experienced Jacksonville car accident attorney may be able to help those who are injured by a vehicle driven by an impaired driver. Again, the only saving grace here is that the boy survived. Our condolences go out to the families involved.

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