Traffic Cameras in Orange Park

We’ve all seen drivers who take chances like running a yellow light and passing through a busy intersection after the light has turned red. Not only do they risk being injured and injuring others in a Florida auto accident, but they put pedestrians in danger as well. This is usually when you with law enforcement officers were around. Well in Orange Park in North Florida, you’ve got your wish.

According to an article, cameras will soon catch red-light runners at busy intersections. That was voted in by the city council.

The camera is triggered when the car enters the intersection after the signal changes and records the time of day, the vehicle speed, and license plate. If you enter within a half second you will probably get a break because of the limits of the technology.

The state legislature would like to mount cameras at busy intersections statewide, but failed to figure out how to divide up the proceeds. Each ticket, which the offender receives in the mail, generates about $125.

Cameras have been shown to substantially reduce red light running, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. When they were installed in Fairfax, Virginia and Oxnard, California, cameras reduced red-light running by about 40 percent, and reduced intersection crashes by up to 30 percent.

Some suggest that they are primarily a revenue generator for a city, but often the ticket revenues don’t even pay for the purchase of the cameras and the billing system that generates the tickets.

Florida law states you should stop at a yellow light before an intersection if you can. If not and it is safe to proceed, do not speed through the intersection and do not cross into the intersection if the yellow is on the verge of turning red. The goal is to be past the overhead light when it turns red. Having said that, many drivers have received tickets by officers who might interpret the law and your driving differently than you do – so stop if you can and don’t proceed into an intersection on a yellow or green if you cannot complete your turn.

One warning – please don’t stop suddenly if you suspect there is a candid camera taking your picture – the guy behind you might not have received the memo and you know how closely drivers follow these days.

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