St. Nicholas Auto Accident Kills Local Couple

It was early Sunday morning about 2: 30 a.m. 42-year-old Chuck Carter and his 39-year-old wife, Susan were driving on the Hart Expressway. It was raining. According to a report, the Carters’ vehicle careened off the left wall then smashed into a concrete guardrail before rolling several times.

Chuck was wearing a seat belt but was killed in the Jacksonville auto accident. Susan did not have her belt on and made it to the hospital, but died several hours later.

The entire neighborhood of Saint Nicholas in Jacksonville is devastated about the news of the passing of this popular couple who were parents to Charlie, 11 and Caroline, 9.

Chuck worked for the Duval County School System as a groundskeeper and Susan was a guidance counselor. Susan had plans to spend the summer off with her children. Accolades are coming in from the community on how special she made children feel at the elementary school where she worked.

As the investigation is conducted, all that remains is a grieving community, lots of questions and accolades for the individuals who lost their lives. Our condolences go out to a grieving community for the loss of these special people.

Jacksonville car accident attorneys hear this unfortunate kind of story many times a day. Following too closely to the car in front, not adjusting your speed for wet road conditions, having tires that are bald or blow out, and not wearing your seat belt – all of these are factors that make your travel more dangerous.

The investigation is not complete in this report, but all anyone can do at this point is to learn from this tragedy and make sure that you are as safe on the road as you can be by taking care of the conditions that are under your control.

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