Safe Kids Demonstrates Limited Vision of SUV

Almost a week doesn’t go by when we report on a child who has been injured or killed by an SUV. These vehicles offer terrible rear vision and are the cause of too many car accidents and pedestrian accidents in Jacksonville. With no cameras or safety audio beeps, children are accidentally run over in cities and neighborhoods across the country, and often it is a member of the drivers’ own family.

To be proactive and keep kids safe, Safe Kids of Northeast Florida staged a demonstration to prove just how limited your vision is behind an SUV. Channel 4’s reporter backed up while a woman held the hand of a two-foot high mannequin. This is one of those demonstrations that television loves, but in this case, it is effective.

The reporter couldn’t see the mannequin eight feet behind the car and not again at 16 feet when relying only on mirrors. Bottom line – do a quick walk around your car before you back up. It takes five seconds and could save the life of a child or a pet, not to mention children’s toys that may be in the driveway that get destroyed or mangle your car.

You never want to have to go through the guilt of running over someone you love, or for that matter, a neighbor or stranger. You may want to even consider purchasing a back-up camera system for about $100. They are small enough to plug into a cigarette lighter for power, and when the camera is wired to the reverse light and attached to the license plate, the price is well worth the peace of mind of knowing there isn’t a child or animal behind you.

We would much rather you be safe than need the services of an attorney for this largely preventable accident and we hope that everyone has a safe summer. However, if you or someone close to you has been injured in a car accident or pedestrian accident involving an SUV or any other vehicle, Jacksonville’s skilled auto accident lawyers will launch a thorough investigation and help you hold those accountable for causing injuries or property damage. Call Farah and Farah today at 800-533-3555 for a case evaluation.