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Palatka, Florida houses a population of 10,804 (as of July 2007), and has experienced a 7.5% rise in population since 2000. More residents translate to more people out and about and on the road. Located in Putnam County, Palatka is 6.96 square miles in size, and has a population density of only 1553 people per square mile, relatively low in comparison to other cities that are comparable in size.

Only slightly more than 20% of Palatka residents both live and work in the city. Consequently, there are a large number people who commute outside of the city limits each day; all rushing to make it to their jobs on time. With so many people present on Palatka roads, accidents, particularly those involving trucks, are of concern. Combine impatient residents who are rushing to work with truck drivers who are trying to deliver goods on time, and you have a less than desirable combination that can lead to truck accidents in Palatka. Regardless of whose fault it is, it is of extreme importance that you have a skilled Palatka truck accident attorney on your side so that you don’t have to sift through the legal waters alone.

Every city across the country has its own risks. Unfortunately for residents and visitors, wrongful death occurrences are a risk that Palatka is not immune to. When wrongful death rears its ugly head, it is important that skilled Palatka wrongful death attorneys are on the case, ensuring that negligent parties are punished and those seeking retribution are duly compensated. The wrongful death attorneys at Farah and Farah are knowledgeable and prepared to examine every aspect of your wrongful death case to ensure that your compensation is enough to help pay off the brunt of hospital bills, funeral fees, and other costs associated with the loss of a loved one. Call the wrongful death attorneys at Farah and Farah today for a consultation, and allow us to assist you with all your wrongful death legal needs. Contact us today at:

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