Ford “My Key” May Reduce Teenage Driving Accidents

Imagine actually being there throughout the first year that your child drives. It has come close to happening. Parents have more parental control with new Ford innovation “My Key,” which debuted in Detroit, according to a report.

Here’s how it works. A special key allows the parent to limit the speed the car can travel, control the stereo volume and freeze the car from operating until the seat belts are fastened. Obviously this is not great news for teenage drivers, but it does allow some control to limit the extremes they might exhibit on the road.

There may be one problem – in some circumstances, car accidents in Jacksonville are caused when someone cannot get out of the way of a collision they see unfolding. Generally an experienced driver might be able to avert an oncoming out-of-control vehicle for example, or pull away fast if they are about to be hit from behind. If a teen cannot put the pedal to the metal, there are certain limited circumstances where they might be in danger, even though they are not an experienced driver.

Teens- don’t worry too much- the maximum speed is 80 mph. The radio maximum volume is about 44 percent of the maximum limit.

By the end of this summer the Ford Focus will be the first model with the “My Key” technology, then expect to see it in the Escape, Ford-150 and Lincoln MKT crossover before being available in all models.

Remember- car accidents are a leading cause of death for young drivers, so encouraging seat belt use, limiting speed, and reducing distractions, can all help save teenage lives. Please do everything you can to keep your kids safe and remind them that driving is a privilege and not a right.

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