Florida Hospitals Not Eager to Report “Bad Doctors”

Imagine- a hospital that doesn’t find a single problem with a doctor over a period of 17 years. Sound improbable? It is and that’s what makes this report so upsetting.

Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy group, found that half of Florida hospitals never reported having a problem with any doctor committing medical malpractice in Florida for over nearly two decades. Apparently, the hospitals failed to report “problem doctors” to the National Practitioner Data Bank, which looks out for that information in an effort to help protect patients from harm.

These cases not being reported amounts to about 105 of 227 Florida hospitals and is roughly similar to the nationwide lack of reporting 48.9 percent of hospitals never having a doctor problem over 17 years when in fact there were negligent and problematic incidents.

Legally, we know that a small percentage of doctors, about five percent, commit the bulk of medical malpractice. The medical review boards routinely let doctors slide without facing he consequences when there has been an error. Medical errors are not always put into writing. Bad doctors are just allowed to resign or given a leave of absence and Florida personal injury continues to take place. That’s just the way it is and has been for years.

A new state law was aimed at keeping the public in the loop with more information, but it may have had the opposite effect with hospitals becoming even more secretive.

Florida still ranks 35th in the nation regarding the rate in which it disciplines doctors. With the growing elderly population and our general population growing in Florida, is that good enough?
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