Duval Teacher Caught on Cell Phone Video Choking Student: A Ban on Taking Pictures May Follow

Kids and their cell phones have taken pictures in schools of everything possible- just use your imagination.

But now schools in Northeast Florida are considering banning the use of cell phone pictures after one student captured something that has Duval County schools embarrassed – what appears to be a teacher choking and holding down a 16-year-old-student.

According to a report, the incident actually happened at the end of May before school was let out, but is just coming to light now. It’s currently under investigation by the school district and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

At the end of school, the teacher, Michael Brown, was removed from the classroom. But it doesn’t end there. In a move that appears like a shift away from transparency, the school district is considering banning all photography by cell phones or any video cameras in school. This has the attacked student’s mother furious. Tina Wilson, mother of Clyde Wilson, says without the camera in the classroom, she would have never known what happened.

Many home videos end up on YouTube and legally the school system can’t restrict that activity because it is conducted off campus. The School Board is considering adding language to the code of conduct that would prohibit the taking and distributing of pictures, but the school only has jurisdiction of what happens on school property. To try and extend the reach imposes on personal rights.

The school does restrict the use of cell phones on campus. They are supposed to be put away. But as one 17-year-old says, “Cameras capture memories.” They certainly do.

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